Enterprise Workspaces

Enterprise Workspaces

Given our vast experience of building creative, tech-enabled workspaces in key UK cities we understand the facilities that must be provided to enable businesses to grow. Enterprise City brings together a carefully arranged cluster of buildings which will form the bedrock of working life.

These workspace buildings are all different, all flexible, and all contain unique characteristics which will make them the most desirable spaces to work in the North.

The heartbeat of workspace at Enterprise City will be Manchester Goods Yard. This is the lifeblood, the workhorse of the development. From there industry will trickle to the connected live/work tower No.1 Grape Street.

The cluster also contains buildings which are steeped in a rich history such as Bonded Warehouse and Old Granada Studios. One, a warehouse steeped in history dating back as far as the 1800s, previously built for the industry of transporting goods and reconfigured for today’s new modern enterprise. The other, an internationally acclaimed production hub for TV and film incepted in the 1950s, brought back to life for today’s new age of media.

We are keen to ensure workspace is not all about ‘work’ which is why we have ensured the South Village and Campfield workshops and artisanal spaces exist. The story for workspace doesn’t end there though, it’s always evolving as demonstrated by our exciting next phase of development, The Ziggurat, inspired by ancient Mesopotamia design.


Image of Manchester Goods Yard

Bustling workspace hub

Manchester Goods Yard

A New York-inspired bustling work space hub with live/work and leisure spaces. Manchester Goods Yard is the epitome of modern working. Sitting at the centre of the new St. John’s neighbourhood it’s the fulcrum of Enterprise City, bringing people together to create, inspire, thrive and deliver in the most vibrant environment possible.

Building upon the village ethos of South Village, Manchester Goods Yard is the commercial hub of the neighbourhood, a place where work and play seamlessly fuse together in the stylish surrounds of the New York inspired warehouse concept. Textured and industrial, metalwork and glass, daylight spilling in from all angles and floor to ceiling heights worthy of a warehouse building; Manchester Goods Yard will be a place of real enterprise.

24/7 life and activity will be the backbone of the building, a hive of activity at the centre of St. John’s. The distinctive design of the building centres on workspaces that function in dynamic and flexible ways, all are complemented by live/work units at the top and retail/commercial units at ground level. This horizontal layering of uses creates a building that is agile and adaptable, both now and in the future.

The building design has four distinct blocks that are strategically interconnected at the upper levels with a series bridges to give unified connectivity that promotes innovative ways of working and a rich and varied programme of events for tenants. Manchester Goods Yard will bring together the most contemporary, creative and forward-thinking companies in the region.

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Image of No.1 Grape Street

Live Work

No.1 Grape Street

Positioned within the heartbeat of St. John’s is No.1 Grape Street.

This will be the living element of the industrial work-horse of Enterprise City, Manchester Goods Yard. No.1 Grape Street is a 26 storey mixed-use tower with stylish apartments focused on a fluid living environment. In total there will be 100- 200 homes with ample cycle and vehicle facilities.

The real ethos of No.1 Grape Street will be taking the principles we have developed of co-workspaces and transferring them into this new way of creating a home where like-minded people live together.

Situated within the complex at No.1 Grape Street are three levels of workspace benefitting from the close proximity to the hub of Manchester Goods Yard.

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Image of Old Granada Studios

The Creativity Pool

Old Granada Studios

A culture of cool places. World-renowned hotel, studios, co-working, homes, food and drink.

Old Granada Studios is a true Manchester landmark; a building brimming with heritage and history, and now reborn as one of the centrepieces of the new St. John’s neighbourhood. The re-invention of this famous building is creating a place where people come together to live, work, stay and play. It will be a new cultural destination for the city, anchored with an exclusive 200 bed hotel at its heart, alongside contemporary city apartments, bespoke workspaces, event spaces, production and recording studios, and carefully curated bars, cafes and restaurants.


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Image of Bonded Warehouse

The Ideas Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

A unique and historic architectural structure, repurposed for work and play. Or if you’re lucky, both.

The Bonded Warehouse epitomises the heritage of St. John’s and reflects the industrial past of the city. Coming back to life as a new workspace and leisure destination for Manchester, it will be stripped back to its former glory and once again become a hub of activity.

Originally constructed in the 1860s it was at the terminus of the very first railway line in the world, linking Manchester and Liverpool. It’s a building with a wealth of historic features and heritage value, a place that will now become a pillar of the new Enterprise City that St. John’s is creating.

The Bonded Warehouse has been redesigned and re-configured to be the enterprise hub for small to medium sized businesses. Containing six levels of workspaces, studios, retail spaces and tailored event spaces the Bonded Warehouse is set to come to life for both tenants and visitors alike.

The lower levels of the Bonded Warehouse will be the heartbeat of the building, the bustle of the cafes, shops, bars and restaurants will mesh with the creative studio spaces and activity of the event zones to create an inspiring environment of creativity and artistic imagination.

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Image of South Village

Workspace mews

South Village

South Village sits at the South base of the St. John’s development as a collection of eight new buildings that acknowledges the rich history of the area.

Enterprise at South Village builds on the intimate feel of the bespoke apartments, shops, cafes and restaurants. Think of the environment as workspace mews. A place where living and working is set upon a backdrop of beautiful public and private spaces, with just the right amount of hustle and bustle for business to thrive.

There will be three levels of workspace at South Village providing approximately 250- 300 sq m net internal floor space per level. The working areas are ideal for the creatives of St. John’s given the proximity they will have to other likeminded businesses.

In addition to the upper level workspace units there will also be ground level workshop spaces where all are welcome to produce from the potter to the carpenter. These will double up as retail units in their own right giving traders the chance to transact and create in one space, which is what modern enterprise is all about.

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Image of Campfield

Cultural hub


Campfield is the creation of a new vibrant destination and cultural hub within Manchester. It forms an integral part of the east side of St. John’s and is made up of three distinct sections, Upper, Middle and Lower Campfield.

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Image of One St. John's

A new enterprise landmark

One St. John's

One St. John’s, the lifestyle building at the Northern Gateway to St. John’s.

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