Where is Enterprise City?

Enterprise City is the anchor of St. John’s, a new neighbourhood for enterprise, culture and living. Enterprise City begins in St. John’s but will stretch much further than traditional boundaries with its digital reach and worldwide appeal.

St. John’s sits at the centre of Manchester – a world-class city for people to live, work, visit and play. An incredible place, Manchester is the UK’s second city, the beta hub of the country with excellent travel connections, an enviable cultural backbone, an energetic place to call home and above all an international home to thriving businesses that consistently produce the pioneers and creatives that drive our economy.

The city: Manchester, UK

Manchester is a world-class city offering people a great place to live, work, visit and critically, a fantastic environment for business. Manchester has an incredible talent pool of people; its airport and transport infrastructure compete on a global level and it boasts a diverse and high quality portfolio of business properties.

Manchester is the birthplace of industry and innovation that’s passionate about the future. We’re the international business hub that continues to diversify and flourish.

Manchester has always been a city of engineers, scientists, artists and industrialists. It is now attracting the curious, the ambitious and the innovative. Talent-hungry companies are choosing to invest in Manchester because of the people that choose to live, work and study here.

St. John’s is at the heart of this process; Enterprise City will be the biggest accelerator for this city in the next decade. We will invest, market and deliver to ensure this.