What is Enterprise City?

Enterprise City is a vibrant mix of digital, technology and creative industries, and companies that are enabled by these industries. This is how we nurture, create and ensure a sustainable eco-system, where there is a good reason to be. It’s not just a property or place of work, it is a place beyond the physical environment.

Enterprise City is a modern industrial city where science, research, innovation, skills, energy and infrastructure support businesses to start and grow, where they can access the finance and management skills they need and become an investable proposition.

Nothing about Enterprise City is homogenous, every building and every space is capable of being unique, whether it be a start-up or a multinational corporation, every business will find a space they want to be in. Every space can be crafted and curated to fit the exact industry needs. Enterprise City is a unique offering of multi-studios for TV, film and music recording/ production, entertainment, places to start a retail brand, a restaurant or a café, all anchored on 21st Century workspace infrastructure.

For the creative industries, needs will often be different to those of other industries, we will have a developed physical and virtual infrastructure around our studio spaces and pre/post-production spaces. There is a common attractor for those involved in the creative industries, they want to be in a city centre and a thriving creative community. Whatever part of the industry they are in, Enterprise City will be developed to ensure it can offer these important criteria. We want to encourage and attract TV, film and music makers, and those important businesses that support these industries.