Campfield is the creation of a new vibrant destination and cultural hub within Manchester. It forms an integral part of the east side of St. John’s and is made up of three distinct sections, Upper, Middle and Lower Campfield.

Architecturally influenced by the form of the traditional Victorian engineered hall, each section clearly demonstrates the passion that the Victorian engineers had for modernity and structural honesty.

Upper Campfield

Artistic performances, experimental foods, artisan wares, shopping, eating and drinking.

Upper Campfield will become a new food and events experience bringing a permanent home for the best in street food, and popup culture. The interior will provide a variety of spaces which can be tailored to meet the bespoke requirements of the occupants and potential events.

The start of the Campfield journey begins here; visitors enter the building and immediately experience dynamic and sensorial interior volume.

Middle Campfield

Live, work and play in Middle Campfield. Living, gardens, connections, meeting, eating, drinking, working and shopping.

Contemporary space borne of a rich history where you can live and work. The new Middle Campfield provides the opportunity to unify the adjacent sites and create a place worth more than the sum of its parts. A plethora of opportunities present themselves on the internal galleria street of makers and producers.

Lower Campfield

Design, art, craft and tech. A community and a destination. Lower Campfield will be a laboratory for creatives, a hub for creative output, a series of studio/artisan spaces will be formed; both permanent and ad-hoc allowing the building to react quickly, hence the building can adjust and grow symbiotically with its occupants.

It will be a catalyst for creative endeavours ranging from the traditional makers crafts to fine arts and cutting edge new digital technologies which are leading the next generation of creative industries.